Core Value

Our success depends on the success of our customers. Customers satisfaction is our highest priority. Actively listening to our customers and truly understanding their needs, and then translating these needs into successful products and solutions is central to achieving our goal.

Our prosperity

Woojung Marine one of core values is to build a good relationship with our customer. We always make efforts to please our customers and focus in developing the latest technology. Our vision serves as a framework to help guide us as we move forward in our business, describing what we value as important as we move towards a sustainable and efficient growth for the company.

Our people

We aim to establish a team work. People are our main assets that provide our client’s expectations. We strive to provide a comfortable environment constantly improving their career and qualification. We believe that our human resource is the most important assets, which is fundamental to the success of our company. We intend to fully realize all the talents in our company for a seamless and effective operation.

Our vision

Woojung Marine is a technically advanced, customer service-oriented organization that pursues the goal of collective excellence through personal and collaborative efforts. "The starting point of all achievement is desire" To be innovative in satisfying need of customers. To improve the quality of products and services with continuous efforts. To make excellent opportunity to join the ranks of global corporations.