About Us

From 1980's when Korea began to stand out in the shipbuilding, Woojung Marine has successfully led a various range of services as in the maritime industry with goals of high quality and technological innovation. We could maintain the top position in Korean market through our remarkable efforts and high technology. We provide cutting-edge technology in our marine technology services by continuously improving our operation. Our executive and management teams consist of special vessel experts with many years of experience.

Progressive Development of Technology and Expertise

Woojung Marine is ready to challenge to become a world leader based on solid fiscal background, efficient management, the high-tech, superb workforce and technology. Moreover, we would do the maximum amount of efforts to sustain to develop our own technology and quality through the cooperation with Coast Guard and Korean Navy as well. We have excelled in the shipbuilding industry by providing our customers with professional services that meet their short and long term requirements. Our success is attributed to our ability to adopt a total quality policy. Woojung Marine can satisfy international demand for information requirements on ships, companies, ports, global port callings, movements and news related services, as well as provide research and consultancy services. Our global network of agents allows us to bring the customers the lowest cost in the industry, while providing the most prestigious customer service available. At Woojung Marine customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we look forward to serving you.